Reschedule Your Vacation Year

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To bank your week(s) with Bel Air before July there is fee of $70 USD for each week. As of July 1st the fee changes to $120 USD for each week. You have until November 30th to bank your week(s); afterwards there is a reinstatement fee of $250 USD to use your week(s) in the following year.

If you were unable to use your week(s) this year, you can bank it to the following year.

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Toll Free Number from U.S.A. and Canada PHONE: USA & CAN 855 - 206 - 2366 MEX 33 - 2101 - 0036

*Your Exchange will be completed within the next 72 hours. Expect an Exchange Confirmation email from one of our representatives within the next 48 hrs. Please contact us if you still haven’t receive you Confirmation email after 48 hours.

*Exchange reservations based upon availability.



Toll Free Number from USA and Canada
Call us:

USA & CAN 855 - 206 - 2366
MEX 33 - 2101 - 0036


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